TravelSafely App Aims to Protect Cary Drivers, Cyclists, and Pedestrians


Over the past year, smart signal equipment has been installed in hundreds of traffic signals and crosswalks in Cary, North Carolina, as the town developed a smartphone app to help make streets safer. 

Free TravelSafely App Developed To Help Make Streets of Cary, NC Safer

The TravelSafely app technology automatically knows when a vehicle is approaching a smart signal and sends audible alerts to users with the app open. In addition, it makes cyclists and pedestrians detectable to motorists while running the app. Other app functions include giving users a heads up on how much longer until the light turns green for pedestrians, cyclists, and emergency vehicles. 

TravelSafely is free and available now for everyone, and it’s spreading rapidly through the region. According to the app creators, Apex, Morrisville, and Durham are considering similar innovative technology.

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