Thomas Henson, Mike Beaman Discuss What You Should Know About Bike Lights

Mike Beaman and Thomas Henson


Attorney Thomas Henson of Bike Lawyer NC and Mike Beaman of Inside-Out Sports recently collaborated on an informative safety video for what you should know about bike lights. You can watch the video below:

One of the most important aspects of bike riding is to ensure that you have the tools necessary in order to stay safe on the road. In North Carolina, if you ride before or after dusk, the state requires that you have a white light on the front of your bike and a red light in back; both of which should be seen at least 400 feet away.

Front Light

While some lights require batteries, USB-charged lights tend to be the most common type of light currently on the market. These lights also have different features, such as flashing off and on. More expensive lights come with mounts. On triathlon bikes, which have less room in the front, you can strap lights underneath the air bar and out of the way.

Another common type of front light is a frame-mounted light – has 1200 lumens (very bright) – depending upon the brightness setting, it can last up to 10 hours. You can also mount it to put on top of your helmet. This helps because the light appears where you want to look; not on the bike to where you must turn it to be able to see.

A lumen is the measurement for the brightness of a light. If you ride on the road, you should never use less than 250 lumens. However, you can never have too much light. It’s simply more light to see with and more to be seen with.

Back Light

You also need a light on the back of your bike. Cheaper ones are just as good as the more expensive ones. They are often a bit heavier/bulkier but if you’re okay with it, then it will still do the trick.

Many of these lights come with different straps so that you can put them on the back of the seat post, chainstay, or rear hydration system. Some bikes (usually those built for triathlons and more serious cyclists) actually come with built-in backlights.

Stay Safe and Have Fun on the Road!

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