Thomas Henson, Jason Biggs Release Video on Preparing for Endurance Sports Events

Thomas Henson and Jason Biggs


Attorney Thomas Henson of Bike Lawyer NC and Jason Biggs of FS Series recently teamed up to create an informative video on how athletes, especially beginners, can prepare for an endurance event. That video appears below:

Joining Thomas in the video is Jason Biggs, co-owner of FS Series. Jason is an accomplished endurance athlete who holds a BS in Sports Management and MS in Technology Education. His company, FS Series, is a full event production company and electronic chip timing scoring company. FS Series provides set-up and logistics services for running, cycling, and swimming events as well as triathlons. The company sponsors its own series of events and contracts services to many others.

Prepping For an Endurance Event, Both Mentally and Physically

In the discussion, Thomas and Jason acknowledge training for an endurance event requires both physical and mental preparation. This requires an athlete to first understand the physical demands of the sport and the toll it can take on the body. Jason advises new athletes to talk to others and to listen and learn from those with more experience. Other tips include:

  • Recognize the Distance: Acknowledge the length of the event you will be running, swimming, or cycling. Shorter sprints can actually take a harder toll on the body than longer races. When athletes do not train properly for shorter events, injuries become common.
  • Stay Properly Hydrated: The recommended intake of water and electrolyte can vary from person to person. Dehydration can lead to harmful physical—and even cognitive effects. Collapse, cramping, and loss of mental focus or awareness are common symptoms.
  • Correctly Fuel Your Body: An endurance athlete burns far more calories during their training for, and participation in, any event. Improper diet or an insufficient number of calories can stress the liver. This can impair efficiency and cause early fatigue.

Helpful Guidelines

Trainers suggest athletes take in 24 to 36 ounces of water during each hour of intense physical activity. They also acknowledge every athlete’s sweat rate is different—so hydration requirements can differ from person to person. Jason recommends supplemental electrolytes—available as a tablet or in a hydration beverage to replace vital electrolytes including sodium and potassium.

We’ll See You on the Road.

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