Thomas Henson, Jason Biggs Discuss Training & Racing Safety Tips for Cyclists



Attorney Thomas Henson of Bike Lawyer NC and Jason Biggs of FS Series recently teamed up to create an informative video on how cyclists can be safe in both their training and racing. You can watch the video below:

Training and Racing Safety Tips for Cyclists

In both training and racing, there is an overlap between safety tips that all cyclists should be aware of to avoid an accident or serious injury. Next time you take to your bike, be sure to keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Becoming distracted and unaware can cause you to hit dips in the road, crash into obstacles, or even hit a pedestrian walking.
  • Ride Defensively – In some cases, a motorist on the road may not see you. Be sure to always have your head on a swivel and be prepared for sudden stop or turns of cars.
  • Understand & Obey The Law – In North Carolina, bicycles are defined as vehicles and are subject to state traffic laws. Therefore, cyclists must not run red lights, must yield to pedestrians, must signal a turn or stop, and must not ride erratically.
  • Remain Calm – Due to the high volume of traffic in the city, cyclists can become impatient and therefore drive erratically. To avoid this, remain calm and ride in a less congested area.

We encourage all riders to err on the side of safety and to follow all rules of the road. If we can all ride and drive responsibly, we can coexist and avoid anyone getting hurt.

We’ll See You on the Road

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