Phil C.

I went to Thomas Henson when I was hit by a car because, as a fellow cyclist, I knew he was an expert in the intricacies involved.  I was not disappointed! Although mine was a relatively minor case, Thomas handled it the same as if it had been a potential multi-million dollar settlement. He was able to obtain a settlement far in excess of what I would have been able to secure and kept me apprised of the progress every step of the way. His staff was very attentive and professional and went out of their way to answer all of my questions, offer advice as appropriate, and to keep the communication flowing.

I addition to his work as an attorney, Thomas is also very involved in cycling safety and cyclist/motorist education, areas sorely in need of attention. As such, he is very active in the cycling community. In fact, his education efforts are the reason that I increased my under-/uninsured motorist coverage several years ago, an action that would have saved me financially if the crash I had been involved in had been any worse.  I highly recommend Thomas Henson!